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Journalism conferences, training, and awards for 2022/23 - mapped and categorised

Posted by Simona Bisiani on January 3rd, 2022

I wrote this blogpost around a month ago, when Omicron was merely an hypothesis in the head - and Twitter feed - of Nate Silver . Then my intro was: "As the world works to loosen Covid restrictions, it seems like life starts heading towards a pre-pandemic state-of-things. For the joy of most of us, this means being able to finally visit distant friends and family, experiencing being a tourist again, and even getting rid of Zoom-fatigue by showing up, flesh and blood, at an industry event".

My reaction reading this intro now to see if still works for publication today: LOL. So, with a fourth-wave shaking the world's hopes to get back to normal, who knows what next year will look like. Nonetheless, the purpose of this blogpost remains unshaken: to keep track of events and awards within media and journalism for the upcoming year and so.

The comeback of physical industry events

If all goes well, soon some of us in the media and journalism industry will be able to travel to attend and deliver speeches at conferences worldwide. There is a lot to look forward to, when it comes to real-life events: the free entry International Journalism Festival happens in Perugia in April; NICAR, SKUP and DataHarvest are the highlights for data journalists; WebSummit, Mozilla Festival, GIJC22, IRE, and The European Press Prize for media and journalism enthusiasts. Will they manage to keep their promise and let us enjoy the spontaneous post-talk chatter and glancing across the conference room to scout for familiar faces? I well hope so, at least!

What's on the calendar?

So what is on the agenda, anyway? We were curious to know what events to be on the lookout for, for next year, that are of interest to data journalists, and journalism/media enthusiasts: conferences, training, awards ceremonies. So we did a little data collection from Google searches, and created a live and interactive app that can be used to navigate what's upcoming, both on a map and on a data explorer. The map allows to navigate and color code by different criteria the various events happening, but not all events have a clear geolocation, especially if happening online. For that purpose, head over to the Data Explorer tab to see the full dataset. The filter controls will help you navigate the data. We hope you will find the app useful, the same way it's helping us staying abreast of what to look out for next year!