We sit at the intersection
between computational
social science and journalism


Our Vision: Computational Social Journalism

Computational social journalism (CSJ) describes a personal vision of future journalism. A vision we try to follow in developing projects on this blog. CSJ, as a term, is a reference to the academic discipline of computational social science. Rising hand in hand with digitalization, computational social science connects the usage of computers to scientifically display, explain or analyze a broad range of 'social phenomena'. Personally attached with an interest in digital journalism and -storytelling and the academic studies of computational social science, we aim to combine both these fields, naming it computational social journalism. For a large share, these ideas are close to, and inspired by yet existing data journalism projects and approaches. We aim to build on this foundation, and expand by further methods within the computational social science nexus. Both journalistic and academic endeavors brought to front in this blog can be considered within a learning process: specifically, using digital technologies for desired story-telling approaches such as Java-Script, R, GIS represent a major, seemingly steep learning curve. Extending on self-motivated projects, we are curious about cooperations with media outlets, covering local stories or investigating relevant datasets.


Our Projects

Who We Are

Open Projects

We are aiming for an open-source and participatory approach with computational social journalism. In addition to sharing code and data, we now aim to involve those interested in the work on data-driven projects. There is a variety of ways to participate. As an integrative approach itself, do not hesitate to contribute with your skills and methods to computational social journalism. There are no boundaries set on how to tell stories on data.